why Dr.Hauschka?

Unsere Haut hat eine Reihe von Funktionen. Sie bildet sowohl die Grenze als auch die Verbindung  zwischen unserer inneren Welt und der Außenwelt mit ihren zahlreichen Umwelteinflüßen. Sie ist sehr eng mit unserer Seele verbunden und macht nicht nur physischen sondern auch psychischen Stress nach außen sichtbar. Deßhalb nehmen Sie sich ab und zu eine kleine Auszeit um Ihre Haut und sich selbst zu entspannen. Denn wenn es der Seele gut geht strahlt auch die Haut!why-03

Why use Dr. Hauschka cosmetics?
I have been a Dr. Hauschka therapist for more than 10 years. As soon as I decided to train as a beautician, it became clear that I wanted to work with Dr. Hauschka products. I already knew the products and the ways in which they were used. My skin was extremely irritated from years of trials and errors when I chanced on a Dr. Hauschka therapist. Following her treatments and with the help of a minimum amount of products, together with explanations of the true meaning of comsetic care, my skin started to find its natural balance once more.

I would like to explain some of my main reasons for working with Dr. Hauschka cosmetics and for you to use them and recommend them further:

  • All ingredients are of the highest organic quality.
  • The products contain no artificial preservatives, fragrances and colourants. This is made possible by the use of organically treated plant extracts.
  • The healing plants are used whole and no active ingredients are used in isolation. A too high concentration of an active ingredient can cause intolerance.
  • The products are not categorised according to skin type. The main basic products can be used on oily skins with enlarged pores, as well as on drier and sensitive skin. The preparations are chosen according to the properties of the skin and are used to activate the body’s own powers in balancing the skin. For example, oily skin should not be treated solely with oil-free or oil-reducing products; they would create a need fort he skin to produce even more oil in order to make up for what has been stripped away. Specific Dr. Hauschka products (e.g. facial oil and special tonic lotion) encourage the skin to correct itself and repare the imbalance. The opposite happens with dry skin.
  • Oil-free night creams! At night, the skin should be as free as possible to breathe so that it can expel any toxins. That’s why it’s important not to use any oily products for nighttime care since they hindert he skin’s metabolism. It’s better to use a tonic lotion or a serum so that the plant extracts can be taken in by the skin without building an oily barrier.

A more important aspect in my choice for Dr. Hauschka products was the way of treatment. Of course, treatment includes cleansing and care, as well as a comprehensive consultation, but what’s most important is a deep relaxation, calm and the feeling of inner balance. The treatment starts with a foot wash that washes away the cares of the day. This is followed by rhythmic, fluid movements that relax the muscles. The centrepiece of the treatment ist he stimulation of the lymphatic system with soft brushes and smooth handling. The skin is renewed.

Our skin has a whole array of functions. It’s the border and the connecting point between our inner world and the world outside that influences it in so many ways. Our skin is very closely connected to our soul and shows both physical and emotional stresses. That’s why it’s good to take some time to relax both ourselves and our skin. What’s good for the soul is good for the skin!