baby/infant care

For care and relaxation in the evening – a few drops of lavender bath lotion can be added to the bath or washing water. Afterwards the little feet and tummy can be treated to a light massage with the Moor Lavender Body Oil and will prepare the baby lovingly for a good night’s rest. Lavender does not only have calming and relaxing effect on the big people but also has its effect on the little ones.

On the other hand – the day can be started with a few drops of lemon bath added to the morning washing water. With its refreshing and revitalising smell, the lemon will get you ready for the eventful day ahead.

nurture and care for male skin

Cleansing, strengthening and care every morning and evening also applies to male skin.

For a normal skin appearance it is recommended to clean with a facial cleansing cream. Applying a facial tonic afterwards will stabilise and strengthen the skin.The tonic itself is also very suitable to be used as aftershave as it has a calming as well as disinfectant effect.  With a tendency towards irritation  the facial tonic special can be used instead. In the morning – a daily nurture cream, for example the facial quince cream, can be added. Men tend to find this light cream with its fresh perfume very pleasant.

A rainy afternoon offers time for pampering

  • Draw a bath with a few drops of lavender essential oil.
  • If you want a particularly nourishing bath, smooth your favourite essential oil (lavender, rose, etc.) on your skin after washing and then lie in the water.
  • Then do a nourishing mask. The moist air in the bath will open the pores and help the products penetrate deeper into the skin.
  • Enjoy your time in the bath!
  • Finish by massaging in the mask with wet hands and rinsing it out with a cloth or sponge.
  • Get out of the bath and dry the skin by applying light pressure.
  • Finally, use a day cream. If you’re staying in or going to bed, then also apply a tonic or a water-based concentrate.